Crafted with Love: Introducing AJK Collective

* infant loss trigger warning.

Born from the depths of a mother's love, AJK Collective is not just a clothing brand - it's a tribute to a precious life that left an indelible mark. After losing our beloved Ava June to CCAM shortly after birth, we embarked on a journey to create something meaningful and lasting.

Through our brand, we honor the memory of our precious daughter while celebrating the joys and milestones of every child's journey.

Our beautifully curated capsule essentials for little babes embody the love, strength, and resilience that Ava brought into our lives.

As a mother juggling the love for our one year old, Evie and with a husband who works away, I understand the importance of convenience without compromising on style and comfort.

Every garment we offer is a testament to the devotion we hold for all children and their families.

Join us in celebrating life and dressing your little babes in comfort

Molly x

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